Homeschool Language Arts Ideas

Real Life Writing Ideas
Here are some ideas for real life writing that don't involve a text book... read more

Real Life Spelling Ideas
I noticed that I was getting frustrated with the Spelling lists that my kids were using. They consisted of words that people seldom ever write. In real life... read more

A Frugal Reading Tip

Some people spend $30 a year on a Reading Text and I’m not sure why. You probably do not need a Reading program beyond Phonics. Instead - read library books. Here are some links to Reading Lists of Library Books... read more

Play Your Way Through Language Arts
If you have a few kids, it’s probably more affordable to buy Language Arts games rather than Language Arts texts and workbooks. There are many games that teach children phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills... read more

6 Years of Grammar in One Book
Simply Grammar is a non-consumable book that you can use with all of your children during the 3rd - 8th grades. It has... read more

12 Years of Spelling in One Book
Spelling Power is a non-consumable book that you can use with all of your children during the 1st - 12th grades. Some points about Spelling Power are... read more

12 Years of Vocabulary in One Book
Roots and Fruits: A Comprehensive Vocabulary Curriculum You can use this one book with all of your children in grades 1 - 12th. This curriculum... read more

13 Years of Writing/Composition in One Book
Comprehensive Composition by Kathyrn Stout will help you teach children in grades K-12 the writing process. This book teaches the following writing skills... read more

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