Making Time for Christ

Tuesdays in Other Words Meme

We must assess our thoughts and beliefs and reckon whether they are moving us closer to conformity to Christ or farther away from it.

~ by John Ortberg ~

I've found that if I want to be more Christlike, then I must reject some other things in my life. Naturally, I need to do away with those things that are sinful. However, I've been realizing that I need to be more balanced in all the good areas of my life, too. Visiting Christian blogs, reading Christian books, listening to the Christian radio station are all very helpful as I grow closer to Christ. But, I have way too much that I want to do and read, and not enough time.

Pastor Rick got my attention when he preached on this topic at our church. He told us that all of these Christian materials are beneficial, but they don't replace reading the Bible and praying with the Lord. I wish that I had taken notes as he preached. I can't remember all of his points or the scriptures that he referenced. However, he got this one significant message through to me.

That sermon was so convicting and whenever I find myself running out of time at the end of the night, my conscience gets to me. I'll blog for hours - reading inspirational posts and worshiping with Christian YouTube videos. But if I haven't gotten to my Bible study or had some alone time talking with Jesus, I start to feel a prompting to do so. I don't want to just know about Jesus, I want to have a personal relationship with Him. That means that I must reject some of the other things that I want to do in order to spend time with Him.