Growing Closer to God

Tuesdays in Other Words Meme

One of the most wonderful things about knowing God is that there's always so much more to know, so much more to discover.Just when we least expect it, He intrudes into our neat and tidy notions about who He is and how He works.

~ by Joni Eareckson Tada ~

My husband is back from his business trip. His 3 week trip turned into a 2 1/2 months. Though there are negatives, I want to write about something positive that came out of this long separation.

God used these past months to show more of Himself to us. I didn't realize this for awhile though. When we first knew that my husband would be gone for a lot longer than we had anticipated, my initial thoughts were - "This can't be part of God's will for us. God would never want a man to be away from his family for so long. It will hurt the children. Since he has the van, we won't be able to go to church for a few months. God wouldn't want us to not go to church, especially since we volunteer."

I had it figured out - logically. But, God doesn't execute His will with human logic. He knew that my husband and I needed time apart from each other - time to grow spiritually. Without my husband around, I spent more time learning about the Lord, worshiping Him, praying, and reading the Bible. I thought about the things that I want to do for God, and how I want to use my time to make an eternal difference.

When my husband came back, I quickly realized that he had gone through a time of growth, too. God taught and encouraged him. He came back with more passion and ideas for how he wants to serve the Lord. I can tell by the way that he is talking that God made an impact on his way of thinking.

God shook up our lives a bit. It was an inconvenient and lonely time for us. But it was also a time when God showed us more of who He is. There is so much more to learn about Him and we need to spend the rest of our lives growing closer to Him. God has a plan for us and I believe that He is encouraging us to trust Him with the timing and the details. He wants us to concentrate on growing stronger spiritually and surrendering ourselves to His will.

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