Thankful Thursday: My Loving Husband

Thankful Thursday Meme

I am thankful for my loving husband:
  • that he has committed himself to me forever.
  • that God brings him home safely after he's been out of town working.
  • that he can figure out how to fix anything that breaks
  • that he is a Christian and wants to grow spiritually
  • that he wants to spend the second half of his life doing meaningful work
  • that he is determined
  • that he finds value in the hard times and learns from his mistakes
  • that he loves his children and wants the best for them
  • that he forgives me
31 Days of Praying for Your Husband is a list of things to pray for everyday concerning your husband's character, leadership role, struggles, and spiritual growth. You can trust God through prayer as you daily surrender your husband and marriage to the Lord.

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