Valuing the Time God Has Given to Me

God Stop Friday Observing God's Presence

This week, I feel like God has been teaching me about valuing my time and needing to make the most of it. That means that I may need to scratch some of my plans off my daily "To Do" list to make room for what He may want me to do.

Robin Sampson at the Heart of Wisdom blog wrote a post that encouraged me in this area. She wrote about being close to death last week. It caused her to think more about God's will, to consider how much time she may have been wasting in her life.

Since Tuesday, I've been trying to practice this lesson. When my daughters asked me to go for a walk with them, I said "yes." I didn't come up with an excuse as to why I couldn't go. It seemed that this was important to them, so I did it. And I really enjoyed being with them, smelling the fresh air.

When my 8 year old daughter saw that I was about to make cookies, she asked if she could help. I had planned to make them by myself so that I could do it quickly. But I realized that she wanted to spend time with me. So, I said, "yes" and it was an enjoyable time with her.

The other night, when it was time for bed, I started playing some worship music. That got the girls singing and dancing around the living room. So, I let them stay up an extra half hour. They had so much fun worshiping the Lord.

A few days ago,my 10 year old daughter asked me to talk privately with her.
I was tempted to rush through, make light of her problem, and get her up to bed. Her problem was important and serious to her. I decided to just stay with her and do my best to comfort her. She talked and cried for a half hour. We ended up feeling closer to each other.

I'm going to try saying "yes" a lot more often. There are so many special moments in a day, and I shouldn't let them pass by just because I hadn't planned on doing them. I am realizing that if I'm seeking to do His will daily, then I must be willing to alter my plans to make room for His plans. This week, God gave me opportunities to practice this lesson.