It's a Wonderful Life

Our family starts the new year watching It's a Wonderful Life. What a great movie to remind us that our life is not our own. We should be seeking after God's will for our lives. George Bailey was given a special gift - to see the difference his life made to others. We don't get to see most of the ways that we positively influence others. So, we have to trust that God's plans are the best plans for us.

You may get to heaven and find out that:
  • the neighbor kid you invited to church, decided to try church again in college.
  • the child you taught in VBS, brought her parents to church.
  • the person you listened to and encouraged didn't commit suicide.
  • the Christian ministry worker you thanked decided to stay working for the ministry.
  • the person you gave a Christian tract to, read the tract and accepted God's gift of salvation.
  • the Christian high school student you motivated, decided to go to Bible college to study ministry work.
  • the poor family you shared your food with, shared food with another family later on.
  • your good example made a child want to serve God.
  • a couple decided not to divorce, because of the example of your marriage.
We can't possible imagine all of the ways God has been using us. This year, I am going to try to ask God everyday - "Lord, what do You want me to do today? Please show me."

He uses us where we are at. We don't have to wait until we've been a Christian for 5 years, gone to Bible school, read through the entire Bible, or read Christian books. Even children can be used by Him daily. We just have to be submissive to Him and His will for us, and obedient when He shows us what to do. Plus, we need to keep growing spiritually. I encourage you to start the new year asking Him - What do you want me to do today?