Homeschool Science Ideas

Real Life Science
It is surprising how much science we learn about everyday. I've noticed that my kids have a natural desire to learn about science, especially if it is hands-on. Here are some real life ways to learn science... read more

Refrigerator Science List
I noticed that my kids hadn't been doing a lot of science lately. So, I thought up a bunch of ideas and taped the list to the refrigerator. Here's what I put on the more

Question What You See, Look Up the Answer
We’ve added something new to our homeschooling. It’s not a new idea, but new to our family. When we have a question about something, we look it up on the Internet... read more

Science Games on the Internet
FunSchool Math and Science Games
Room 108 Science Games
Scholastic Kids
KidsKnowIt Games

Science Games and Kits to Buy
Grow a Flower Board Game
Herd Your Horses
Mars 2020
Planet Quest
Ultimate Rocket Kit
Microscope Set
Ultimate Robot Kit
K'Nex Building Set

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