Pray Others to Christ

The following suggestions were taken from the booklet
Praying Your Friends to Christ
  • Ask God to open up their spiritual eyes. 2 Cor. 4:4
  • Ask God to set them free from spiritual captivity. 2 Tim. 2:25-26
  • Ask God to give them ears to hear Matt. 13:15, faith to believe Acts 20:21, and the will to respond. Rom. 10:9
  • Ask God to send people into their lives to witness to them. Matt. 9:38
  • Ask God for ways to build caring relationships. I Cor. 9:22
  • Ask God for opportunities to witness. Col. 4:3
  • Ask God for boldness to witness. Acts 4:29
  • Ask God for an opportunity to invite them to a harvest event. Luke 14:23
Who are you praying to Christ?