Thankful Thursday: Christian Women Servants

Today, I'm writing my Thankful Thursday post about Christian women who have dedicated themselves to serving the Lord.

I am thankful for the many Christian women who have followed
God's will for their lives. They have used their spiritual gifts and have found true joy in serving Him. These women are inspiring examples for us to follow. Here are four women that I am thankful for:

Susana Wesley
This Christian mother raised 19 children. She developed a personal relationship with each one by scheduling a private time with each one once a week. Two of her children grew up to become famous men of God. John Wesley, her 15th child, was a great preacher and the founder of the Methodist Church. Her 18th child, Charles Wesley, was one of the greatest hymnists of all time. Despite poverty, 2 house fires, and her husband leaving them for a year, she raised her children to trust in God and to serve Him.

Amy Carmichael
The Christian missionary, Amy Carmichael, founded the Dohnavur Fellowship in India in 1901. This orphanage has been a sanctuary for over one thousand children. Many of them were young girls that would have been dedicated to the gods and forced into prostitution to earn money for the priests. This orphanage is still in operation today. Amy Carmichael also wrote thirty-five books - many about missionary work. She served God in India for fifty-five years without furlough.

June Hunt
This woman is a Christian counselor. She helps people through her books and radio shows. June Hunt also has a ministry to train Christians in counseling through materials, classes, and online shows. When you listen to her speak, you can hear her compassion for people who are hurting emotionally. She bases all of her counseling advice on what the Bible says and she points people to God - the Great Physician who can heal any hurt.

Stormie Omartian

This Christian author has written many best selling books teaching us how to pray. The Power of a Praying Wife encourages women to pray daily for their husbands. In this book, Stormie gives examples of what to pray about. Many woman have grown closer to their husbands by praying for them. And many husband's lives have been changed for the better, because their wives have been actively praying.

How about you? Which Christian women have made a positive impression on you? Which ones are you thankful to for their service to the Lord?