Thankful Thursday: Modern-Day Christian Heroes

Thankful Thursday Meme

For this Thankful Thursday, I want to express my appreciation to some modern-day Christian heroes - those Christians who are so serious about living out their faith that they are willing to sacrifice their comforts or safety to serve the Lord.

I appreciate what you Christian heroes are doing to help people. You aren't doing it for fame or for an earthly rewards. You are doing it to serve Jesus, and with a sincere compassion for others.

I am thankful for:

Native Christian missionaries witnessing in their own countries - living on low incomes, using bicycles and their own feet for transportation, risking ridicule and physical abuse in countries where Christianity is not the norm. Gospel for Asia

Christians who go to places like Sudan - to bring comfort and relief aid to persecuted Christians, and to help them rebuild after their villages were attacked by Muslim soldiers. They go despite The Department of State warning them that it is too dangerous to travel in Sudan.
Voice of the Martyrs

Christian students working as modern-day abolitionists to end slavery - raising awareness, motivating students to do their part, and participating in activism. Yes. Slavery still exists. There are 27 million slaves worldwide - more people are in slavery now than during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Zach Hunter author of Be the Change

Christians who dedicate themselves to helping orphans by preparing them for adulthood - providing academic opportunities, life training skills, mentoring, career placement, and health programs. When orphans turn 16 many of them are kicked out of orphanages and state institutions. They are expected to fend for themselves. An estimated 60% of orphan girls turn to prostitution and 70% of orphan boys to crime. Orphan's Promise