Monday Memories: Building Childhood Memories

As I went to write my post for Monday Memories, I drew a blank. I couldn't think up anything to write about that sounded entertaining. So, I Googled "memories" which led me to a post about childhood memories. That's when I started thinking about what kind of memories do I want for my children. Parents can help provide good memories for their kids. So, after thinking, these are some of the good memories my kids will have and some of the memories I want them to have.
  • listening to Dad's stories about when he was a naughty boy
  • watching Little House on the Prairie DVDs over and over
  • playing lots of card games
  • family road trips
  • having "snack food" dinners
  • doing our family Christmas traditions
  • trying to raise chickens
  • going to the County Fair during the summer
  • doing evangelism and ministry projects as a family
  • watching their parents get more involved in church
  • trying to live a more simplified life - in the country, on a lake, chopping wood, playing in the trees
  • Mom reading chapter books aloud to the kids
  • going on a summer mission trip as a teen (this one is still to come)
Do you have any neat "building memories" ideas that you want to share?