Being Nice Isn't Enough

I live in a predominately Roman Catholic town. There are just a handful of protestant Christians here. We're probably the only Wesleyan Christian family in town. The rest are, or claim to be, Roman Catholic. And what a nice town of non-protestant Christians it is.

The people here are so nice. The mail lady drops off hand me downs from her grand kids. Neighbors share fresh vegetables from their gardens. The next door neighbors take me to the grocery store when my husband is out of town. Someone even came by last winter and plowed my driveway when my husband was working in another state. My list goes on, but you get the idea.

Despite their niceness, I'm not interested in converting to Catholicism. Many of us Protestant Christians are nice in hopes that it will get people interested in Jesus. Being nice is wonderful and I definitely think that every Christian should be doing it. But being nice isn't enough to call it evangelism. People of other religions and even some atheists I know are as nice as can be.

We need to get the gospel truth out to people, if we're going to do our part to save them from hell. Oh, I wish that I had the boldness of my girls. The little neighbor boy asked my daughters about why we celebrate Christmas. That opened the door for them. They told him all about Christmas and how to become a Christian.

So, we can pray and ask God for those conversation starters. We can invite non-Christians to the many church events that are planned just for evangelistic outreach. We can also be bold and ask people if they think they are good enough to get into heaven. I took a Way of the Master evangelism class at church. It taught me that no one is good enough for heaven and that's why Jesus had to die on the cross - to pay the price for our sins.

Evangelism is an important part of the Christian walk. Many of us need to take it more seriously. We can't just leave it all up to the missionaries. We need to get busy praying and thinking about how we can witness for Jesus.