A New Woman

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "New".

This year, I want to be a new woman with a new attitude. I want those I know to say: "Hey. Is there something different about you?"
  • Away with the bitterness. It only hurts me when I hang on to the hurt, feeling too wounded to forgive.
  • Away with the impatience. God sure has been patient with me. He waited 17 years for me to get back to church.
  • Away with fear and worry. I've finally realized that it really doesn't make my circumstances better.
  • Away with competitiveness. Jesus wants us to work together and encourage each other.
  • Away with laziness. I only have so much time on this earth.
  • Away with unhealthy eating habits. I want that physical energy back, that I had 7 years ago.
  • Away with being unappreciative. God gives me blessings every day, things I don't deserve and haven't earned.
  • Away with hoping in my plans. They've been known to change for the better. Thank you, Jesus.