Our Family Christmas Traditions

This year, I've really tried to make the Christmas season fun for the family, and get the focus off of the commercialism. We've kept our family traditions and added some new ones.
  • Made Happy Birthday Jesus Cakes (our favorite tradition)
  • Shared Our Christian Faith (passed out stocking ornaments with a Santa Gospel tract inside.)
  • Participated in the church's canned food collection
  • Watched most of the Christmas TV specials
  • Made Christmas Crafts
  • Had a family snack food party and played cards
  • Made gingerbread men and hung one on the tree
  • Hung Christmas lights in the bedrooms
  • Had a slumber party next to the lighted Christmas tree
  • Added links, nightly, to the Thankful Paper Chain
  • Participated in our church's Nursing Home Gift Ministry
On Christmas Eve, we plan to: