Manic Monday

My last post was about praying for salvation and the one before that was about Satan. So, I'm going to lighten things up with a Manic Monday Meme. (Except for #3. That is not a lighthearted question.) They provide the 3 questions and I provide 3 answers.

Is there anything too serious to joke about? If so, what falls into that category for you?
This depends on who it is getting joked about. Most people don't seem to be able to handle joking that hits them personally. I have met many adults who are still holding on to hurts caused by inappropriate joking. So, I'd have to say that anything that could hurt the feelings of another person is too serious to joke about - race, fat, crazy, male and female jokes. Lawyer jokes are acceptable. I don't think lawyers have enough feelings in order to get hurt. Now, I'd like to quote my life verse (that my children have heard a thousand times). Encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Would you rather be a tortured genius or a happy simple-minded person? Why?
Definitely a happy simple-minded person. I wouldn't purposely bring on torture, even though brains would be nice. I do much better with being happy and since it is my choice I'm choosing simple minded.

A dear friend or family member has a terminal illness and is in agony. He/she wants you to help him/her die. What would you do?
Interesting. I just mentioned euthanization 2 posts ago when I wrote about The Foul One. Satan is so evil
that he gets humans to kill for him - murdering the unborn children, euthanizing the elderly and disabled, and getting people to kill themselves through suicide. I don't like the idea that some of us have to suffer physical pain. But, that is no reason to help Satan murder. 6 posts ago I wrote a post called Why? Basically, whatever good and bad things happen to us are to help accomplish the purposes that God has for each of us - His specific will for each of our eternal lives. God can use our terrible troubles, even terminal illness and agony. He can use them to strengthen us spiritually, bring glory to Him, make us more godly, prepare us for eternity, and to help others going through a similar situation. I would explain this to my suffering loved one, pray for the person, spend time showing love to the person, and encourage the person to bless and serve God despite the physical pain.

Does anyone else want to join in? There are about 40 of us doing Manic Monday.

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