Thankful Thursday - A New Used Van

Thankful Thursday Meme

In previous posts I've mentioned that my husband has been working out of town. Well, he's been gone longer than he had originally thought. His 3 week trip turned into 6 weeks. When it was the day before he was supposed to leave to come home, he called me and said that the transmission went out on the van and it isn't worth it to fix it. This van is our only vehicle. Now he would have to stay and figure out how to buy another van.

Normally, this situation would have stressed me out - my husband is 1000 miles away and we no longer have a vehicle. But, I told God about the problem and I told Him that we were going to need His help. Lately, I've been trying to give my problems to Him and ask for His intervention.

So, here is the part that I am thankful for. My husband called yesterday to say that he bought a van. It has the features that we need - 8 seats and it is extended in the back - at the price that we wanted to pay. I can't believe that we got it for that low of a price.

Unfortunately, my husband has to stay and work longer. But, we are thankful that there is more work for him to do. That way he will be able to pay for the van in full. We won't owe anything on it. Howard Dayton from the Money Matters Christian Radio Show has convinced us that paying cash for a used vehicle is possible if you're determined and you pray about it. That's what we did and God blessed us with the perfect van at the perfect price. Thank you, God.