Know and Tell Friday

Know and Tell Friday Meme

Did you eat candy this Valentine's Day?
Yes I did and it tasted wonderful. Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me a little chocolate, but not too much. I made the choice to eat a little today and tomorrow I will make an even better choice to not eat any (because it is all gone.)

What is something you do to relax?
I used to watch TV. But, now I blog. It is so much more enjoyable to communicate with other women.

What is the best approach for resolving conflict?
I haven't been really good at doing the best approach. I used to just try to keep the peace and then let the bitterness build up. However, I think the best approach would be - to pray first, talk calmly with the person (and stay calm), and for each of us to state how we feel.

How would you define "freedom"?
Freedom is the ability to be a Christian, to receive God's love, and to serve and worship Him - no matter what my physical circumstances and limitations are.

On a scale of 1-10, how happy do you usually feel? Explain.
5, but that is because my husband has been away working for a lot of the winter and it is winter. I'll feel much happier when we are all back together and the snow melts.

If you could choose one "SIN" that you would never have to struggle with for the rest of your life what would it be?
Doubting God. I'm ashamed, but it's just too easy for me to do.

What is one thing that breaks your heart?
e 143 million orphans that need mommies and daddies and help from Christians. I have another site called

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