Tag You're It! - 13 Things I've Done

My bloggy friend Christina at - The Life of a Christian Housewife - has tagged me.

13 Things I Have Done That Are Pretty Awesome
  • went on a 2 month mission trip to Europe: Hungary, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia at the time), Poland, Germany, and Austria
  • sewed my wedding dress
  • fell in love at 18, got married at 20
  • went to Hawaii for Christmas with my family (during my Junior year of high school)
  • gave birth 5 times
  • started homeschooling 9 years ago.
  • moved 3000 miles from home
  • took 3 trips alone to see my parents and sister's family
  • went to Manhattan last year (saw the Statue of Liberty from a ferry)
  • became a Christian at 5, was baptized at 18
  • passionate about Evangelism, so I made a site called Easy to Evangelize
  • raised chickens (notice the past tense - too much work and they stink badly)
  • learned how to: propagate plants, knit, bake bread, and make a blog
I am tagging (in alphabetical order) - Debbie, Elizabeth, God's Girl, IDNJC, Jen, Joyce, Shannon and Shonnte

(I don't know how many people I am suppose to tag, but I want to hear all of your answers.)