Homeschool Math Ideas

Low-Cost Math
It’s been a big financial help to our family using
Spectrum Math . The workbooks cost only $8.99 each. There is about 1 page for each day of the school year and an answer key in the back. We use these workbooks through 8th grade and then switch to Alpha Omega Math for the High School years.

Real Life Math
My kids do math workbooks, but we don't go overboard with the thick textbooks. I let them do the assignments at their own pace. They keep up with the lessons, because they want to get ahead in Math. I don't want them to dislike math. It's such an important and necessary part of life.
Here are some real life ways to learn more

Use What You Already Have
You don't really need to buy math manipulatives, counters, and fancy clocks. You can use things around your house, things that you already have. read more

10 Easy Steps to Multiplication Memorization
After struggling with 3 kids through multiplication, I came across an easy way to memorize the times tables. It's set up and explained in 10 simple steps. read more

Personal Finance Skills

I think that one of the most important things for a child to learn about is personal finance. If a lot of adults had successfully learned this, there wouldn't be so many of us in debt and financial frustration. Crown Financial is a Christian ministry that teaches God’s financial principles so that Christians may know Christ more intimately, be financially free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission. Their website material and radio advice is free. Here are some ideas for helping your children learn about good personal finance skills... read more

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