Monday Memories: First Kiss

Since it is almost Valentines Day, I will write this Monday Memories about my husband.

When we started dating, he had this wonderful idea that our first kiss would be on our wedding day. OK. I knew that wasn't going to happen, but I learned early on in our relationship that it was best to let him express his weird ideas. He would get over them on his own.

Well, one day we went for a walk. (That is what we did for a date, since we were both broke, but in love.) He stopped walking and turned toward me. Then, he got really nervous like and looked me straight in the eyes. He said. "Can I give you a kiss". Oh my goodness! I had waited for this day. My heart was racing, but I managed to say "Yes". He handed me a Hershey's chocolate kiss and busted up laughing.

Now, here is the real shocker - I still married him after he did this awful prank. It's been over 19 years since this happened and this is the first time that I can laugh about it. By the way, he didn't wait until our wedding day to kiss me.

Photo by Kim Anderson)

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