When Mama Prayed

My 11 year old loves this song and so do I.

Over the last year, I've been trying to pray consistently for my husband. Now it's time for me to get busy praying for my kids. I just love how Randy Travis expresses the importance of a mother's prayer in this song. Prayer does change things.

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children


Daddy never went to church on Sunday
He said that's one thing I'll never do
But mama never gave up she said one day
He'll be sitting here beside of me and you
I can still hear mama softly talking
With her tears falling on her folded hands
So that Easter Sunday Daddy walked in
That's when I began to understand

When mama prayed, good things happen
When mama prayed, lives were changed
Not much more than five foot tall
But mountains big and small crumbled all away
When mama prayed

Seventeen and wild I hit the bottle
Doing anything I dang well please
Burning down life's highway at full throttle
While mama burned a candle on her knees
Then one night I came home half sober
I saw mama kneeling in the den
As I listened she and Jesus talked it over
And I knew my restless days were 'bout to end

When mama prayed, good things happen
When mama prayed, lives were changed
Not much more than five foot tall
But mountains big and small crumbled all away
When mama prayed

It isn't like every one of them got answered
But the times they weren't it seems to me were rare
You almost felt sorry for the devil
'Cause heaven knows he didn't have a prayer
When mama prayed

Not much more than five foot tall
But mountains big and small crumbled all away
When mama prayed
They crumbled all away
When mama prayed


Tonya said...

Great lyrics! We love to sing here too. You've probably saw the youtube videos ;)

Amy Wyatt said...

I love the line "the devil didn't have a prayer" when mama prayed. Oh the power of a praying mama! Thanks for sharing.

Darlene said...

I have never heard this song before. It reminds me of a sweet lady that is with our heavenly father. She always prayed for her children and spouse. She would work in the fields all day, cook for her 6 children, get them dressed and would start walking to church till her husband would give in and drive them to church. Before she died her husband was saved and most of her children are in church. She was my 1st Sunday school teacher that I remember. Pray....oh my how this woman could pray! Thanks for remindin me of her and the special memories I have.
Have a great weekend!

Peggy said...

What a delight Shari that your daughter likes this with you. It shows what happens WHEN a MAMA PRAYS...love that you have a link for 31 days of prayer for children
(I have those on my desktop in English and Spanish)AND IT'S NEVER TOO LATE to PRAY for your children no matter how big they are...and how blessed to have the link also for Your Husband(way to go..day 6)

God bless your praying heart! This was such a warm, homey kind of song with Randy Travis...Thank you for reminding us! Be blessed!

Xandra said...

I've never heard this Randy Travis song, but it's great! What an inspiration to become better prayer warriors for our children and families.


beckyjomama said...

Thanks for the reminder of just how powerful our prayers for our children are. I love to pray over them when they are sleeping. I NEED to start doing it while they are awake too, so they can see.


Mocha with Linda said...

Great song. We should never underestimate the power of our prayers!

Margaret Neufeld said...

I'm learning to consistently pray for my family as well. Only me and a few of my siblings are saved and it's definitely not easy living in a spiritually dark home.

Thanks for the encouragement. God keeps showing me many different things that tell me this is what He wants me to do. I started it because I had a desire and after a few months it didn't go away but just kept growing and it's coming back again. I'll give updates on my blog as the Lord leads.

Mel's World said...

I love Randy Travis...he is a simple down home kind of guy. What a great song to share with your daughter...it is SO completely true...we need our kids to see that Mama prays and that good things do happen!

Found said...

Oh my goodness Shari! I've never heard that song, but IT'S MY SONG!!! Oh thank you for sharing this! Far be it from me to cease from praying for my husband and children!!!!

Thank you!

SharonB said...

I've never heard this song! But it's a great reminder to us moms to keep praying.....

Shannon said...

I haven't heard this one before, but I've always liked Randy Travis. Thanks for sharing this- and for a great reminder of the power of our prayer. I pray regularly for my children, but need to pray more intentionally for my husband.