Ministry Idea - Growing Vegetables

You and the kids can help people by growing vegetables. It isn't too late to get your seeds in the ground. Radishes, bush beans, bush peas, and lettuce are easy to grow. Plus these vegetables grow quickly.

You can share your homegrown vegetables with your local Christian soup kitchen, neighbors, church workers, and food pantries (check first to see if they
will accept fresh foods).

If you're unable to grow vegetables, then you can also participate by collecting canned food to donate. It doesn't take a big plan. Get the kids together and take along a box or pull a wagon. Just spend an hour going door to door and you'll be amazed at how much food you will be able to collect.

At harvest time, the family can go U picking and give away the fresh produce. Wouldn't it be special for people to eat fresh strawberry shortcake or freshly sliced peaches at a soup kitchen?


elizabeth embracing life said...

This is a terrific idea. I have been thinking this week about what I would like to do with the boys in the area of service to others in need. My six year old suggested planting a garden and sharing the flowers, but I love the suggestion of what plants grow quickly. We are going to adopt this plan.

Sita said...

Hey Shari,
Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I only recently discovered Wintley Phipps and when i heard him singing Amazing Grace, I was hooked...check that out on YouTube or GodTube...Have a great day..

Amrita said...

Excellent idea.
Thats what we are doing. We share our veggies with needy people and sell them to willing friends and put the money for church needs.

Had a fruit auction in church too.

Sheri said...

awesome! I did the four soils and the other soil (with harvest in Mark 4 - like 26?) with my kids - it was a great lesson!

Margaret Neufeld said...

What encourages me is that you don't just talk about reaching out to others. You go and do it. Keep going!