Your Comments About Easter Evangelism

I was so thrilled to get 21 comments about the Easter Evangelism Ideas post. Many of you wrote to say what events and activities your church has planned for this year.

Some of you are:
  • having an evangelistic dinner and film.
  • having an Easter Outreach on Saturday and then inviting people to church for Easter Sunday.
  • hanging flyers on doors to invite neighbors to church for Easter.
  • sharing Easter evangelism ideas with your evangelism class at church.
  • inviting the whole community to a huge Easter egg hunt at your church.
  • having your first annual Easter egg hunt.
  • writing about the Resurrection and Salvation on your blog.
  • inviting non-Christian families to your church and showing the Jesus film.
I'm committing myself to pray for each one of these outreaches - that God will draw people to your church events, that people will be open to the message of salvation, that they will want to know and receive Jesus.

I like Margaret's comment - "Those are some really good ideas. But they're useless if we don't put them to practice."

This Easter, please ask God what you can do for Him. Salvation is a very serious subject. It's a life or death decision.

(If anyone else would like to tell me what they are doing for Easter, please leave a comment and I will add your outreach idea to this post.)


A Stone Gatherer said...

Thanks so much for the prayers! May God move in a mighty way, even in these seemingly little things! I pray that people will see Christ in the workers and will desire to know more of Him! Thanks for being our prayer warrior!!

livin with me said...

Thank you for sharing these fabulous ideas.

The Forney Four said...

we always do easter basket and "worldly" things the day before easter, and then actually spend sunday really focussing on the Savior. I have a WONDERFUL easter film I'd love to send you... for free, of course. :) This is a great time to refocus ourselves on who the Savior really is and what role He plays in our lives. And then to recommit ourselves to be more like him.

thanks for the ideas!!!

FXSmom said...

I plan to spend some time discussing the Easter story with the kids. I'll probably have Rachel read it out of her children's Bible first and then allow a family discussion. That way it will keep the Easter spirit in their hearts from the very beginning.