Soapbox Sunday - How Much?

Soapbox Sunday Meme

Today, I'm going to stand up on my soapbox and write about something that has been affecting me. At first, I didn't think that there was anything spiritual about this topic. However, after I got writing, I was able to add in a spiritual message to this post after all.

I've been without a vehicle for the last 8 weeks. The hardest part has been having to shop at the nearby neighborhood grocery store. I'm very grateful to my next door neighbor, Roger, who gave me a couple of rides so that I could buy food for my kids. However, I do have a complaint and since it's Soapbox Sunday, I'm going to express it.

Why does the local store have to charge 2 - 3 times the amount for the same grocery products that I can buy at a store just 20 minutes down the road? I would think that more people would be able to support their local grocery store if the prices were lower. Instead, most people here drive the 20 minutes to load up on food and pay 1/3 of the price. The only reason that I would ever go back to this store is if I'm in another desperate situation.

While shopping, a few days ago, I didn't get every item that I had on my list. I just couldn't bring myself to pay $2.39 for a small can of pears or $7.95 for a bag of chicken nuggets. We will just have to replace a couple of planned meals with pancakes, hot dogs, and boxed macaroni and cheese. I'll have to make a lot of bread or biscuits to fill up the kids' tummies.

If there is some way that I could make this post of importance, I guess that it would be to try to motivate you to shop around for the best deal on your food. Even if you have to drive an extra 20 minutes, it will save you a lot of money. You may need to buy 2 weeks of groceries at a time so that you only have to drive the distance twice a month. Try comparing the prices and adding up the totals that you save. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars every year.

The Bible tells us to be good stewards of the money that God had entrusted to us. Just cutting back on the cost of your groceries will add up - month after month after month. If you don't know what to do with the extra money, ask God. There are orphans, missionaries, and Christian organizations that He could tell you about.


Tonya said...

Shari, THANKS for reminding us to be good stewards of what GOD has given us! I know that's an area that I really need to work on.

Have a WONDERFUL day in the LORD!


Amrita said...

Hi Shari, even though I belong to a different world i really appreciate the way you are trying to be a good steward of what God has given you..

i try to be this way too.I buy groceries at cheaper places...malls are cheaper.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

My kids think I am such a penny-pincher when it comes to food but you hit the nail on the head, It is Expensive! Going to the smaller, locally owned stores is just not an option sometimes. I think the same thing about filling stations. There can be such a difference in price from one place to another. In this economy we must be good stewards of our money! Great point, I'm so glad you got on the soap box!


A Stone Gatherer said...

You go girl! Stand up! It's crazy what we have to spend these days! Praying your husband will be home soon and all returns to normal!

Stephanie said...

I hope that your car situation gets resolved soon, whatever it may be. Our car has been to the shop 4 times in the last 2.5 weeks, so I know how much of a hassle it is to get around without one.

I appreciate the advice to shop around for the best price. I LOVE to save money! Coupons and shopping sales have saved a few pennies here and there.

Thanks for your encouraging words on my site today. Yes, blogging has definitely enriched my life with Christ in ways that never would have expected. I am glad that this has been your experience, too!

Have a wonderful week!

Joyce said...

I totally understand what your saying....yet I know what Walmart and other big stores have done to the "Mom and Pop" stores in America. Because they driven many of the other small shops and stores out of business...the small ones cannot compete price wise because they don't have the big buying power that the big mega stores do. I mean really that is why their prices are higher.

We have a locally owned grocery store that has just opened up the road in the plaza near my neighborhood......and though their prices are a bit higher....I do some shopping there. Not for everything I buy....but for quick things and certain speciality things they sell.

They have given new "life" to the plaza...and that's a good thing because the building they are now in was sitting dead for nearly 10years...they have employed many people.... and they have a down home town friendliness that you can't find at the other places.

They really do the "Customer Service" thing big time there.

There's another "Family owned" grocery store about three blocks up the way and they have "hung in there" for many a year too even though an Alberstons built right beside them. Both of these stores I mentioned are owned by Christians so I want to see them suceed.

I try to do alot of my shopping anymore "in the neighborhood" because we live in a big city and I know the struggles of small business's hard for them to compete with big companies and still pay their employees well, etc. etc.

My friends and I try to eat out in the area if and when we go to lunch and we try to shop and do whatever we have to do just to help out this part of our community.

We do however have a "Walmart" "Groceries only store" also in our area...and it has hurt the other grocery stores (even the big ones) big time. I fill my prescriptions there because the smaller stores don't have when I do that I do the rest of my shopping there.

I have to say though....the clerks are have to scan your own items many times because they only have like 2-3 lanes open and there are other drawbacks. But it's cheaper....yet I wonder if it really is in the long run.
And I have noticed that all the groceries are "going up" in price's that "Gas" problem I keep hearing. Costs more to ship things now because of the gas.

I hope your car sitation is worked out soon. I was wondering about you the other day and praying that your husband would be able to come home soon with your new vehicle.

I know this is wearing on you all.
I know how it is to be a SAHM as well and we have 4 kids. The two older ones both moved out just last Fall. So there was a bit of a change here....quieter. HA!
Hang in there....