Sunday Seven: 7 Ways to Pray for Missions

Sunday Seven Meme

You may not be able to Go, but you can pray.

Here are 7 Ways to Pray for Missions:

  • for churches and individuals to give generously to missions
  • for the Christian agencies that provide disaster relief to those in need
  • for the equipping of ministries that provide food and shelter to people
  • for missionaries to serve in places where Jesus is not known
  • for mission personnel that plan outreach programs
  • for more prayer warriors to faithfully pray for mission programs
  • for the needs of missionaries
Are there missionaries that you would like to request prayer for? Please feel free to tell us about them by leaving a comment.

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MamaArcher said...

thank you for listing these. I appreciate your comments on my blog as well! I will list even more ways to pray for our children in the following weeks.

Joan said...

These are good suggestions. My niece is in mission in Kenya now. You might like to check her blog
She had to leave the country for a week to renew her visa and is on her way back from Athens Greece today. Also, my cousin, works in mission - his blog is

Joan said...

oops. That last comment had an error. My cousin's Campus Crusade for Christ blog address that I meant to give is

Jane said...

Prayer is certainly needed for missions. Without it the mission cannot function as God intends.
When you pray, please pray for the Seminario Wesleyano in Venezuela and for its' students and for the pastors and the missionary families who minister there. God is doing a wonderful work there.

Shari said...

Vashonnte left a comment on another post: My friend left 2 days ago for a mission trip in Costa Rica! She is a lucky girl! I'm so proud of her!

Let's remember to pray for her missionary friend, too.

This is the address for Vashonnte's blog: