Now and Then

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for last week was "Now and Then".

My physical circumstances aren't much different "Now" then they were "Then". I still have: the same lack of money, the same debt, the same rented house, and the same lack of prospects. But, now my spirit and mind are different.

You see, the difference between "Now" and "Then" is that - Now, I am living in God's Will. I decided to stop worrying about what I don't have. It's so much easier saying: Lord, what do you want me to do today? He sends little opportunities and people my way. Well, they seem little to me. However, if they are part of God's Will, then they are part of His big plan.

Telling God that I want to live in His Will can be scary. It's not about telling him where I'm willing to serve or live. Currently, I live 3000 miles from where my extended family lives. This was never part of my plan, but I know beyond a doubt that I am living exactly where God wants me to live. My physical circumstances haven't improved by living here, but my Christian walk has improved. My ministry for Jesus has grown.

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GodsGirl said...

I completely agree! What we may see as little may be big in eternal impact for God and His Kingdom! Love your blog! You can check out mine at