Monday Memories: The Spontaneous Trip

I have a January memory of a trip that took place 18 years ago.

My new husband (of 2 months) got some camping equipment for Christmas. A few days after Christmas, we got this great idea to go camping. However, it was 34*F outside. So, we got an even better idea to drive to Southern California where it was warm enough to camp.

We both took vacation time off from work, packed the car and were off. It was very spontaneous, and I could never do that now. But being spontaneous was part of the fun.

When we got to LA, we went to Disneyland - just the 2 of us, no kids yet. We even found a campground about 45 min. from Disneyland, next to the Pacific Ocean. I remember cooking canned chili on a single propane burner and finding a huge, exotic looking insect under our tent.

A lot of the memories of this trip are fuzzy. But, it was a special trip that we took together. Maybe when the kids have grown up, we will be able to be spontaneous again - after I pick up my prescriptions, get someone to water the plants, put a hold on the mall, wash the clothes that we will be taking, prepare food for the trip, and lose 10 pounds.


Just Jen said...

LOL, yeah, we've dealved in that type of planned spontaneity too!

Joyce said...

Hello, Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment. You will have many memories and yes you will be able to do it again. My Hubby and I did something like that one year after getting married. We went south to Tenn. to Look Out Mountain. Before kids.

Love and Hugs,

Barbara said...

Wow! What a great memory. Those spontaneous trips are the best. I love camping, too! That's the beauty of an empty nest (I know, far from it myself) that you get to do things like that again.
The Mr. Linky is put up with my Monday Memory. Please stop by and link to your post. That would be great, thanks!

Writer bug said...

LOL--I don't even have kids and I can't manage spontaneity with a dog, cat, and husband. :)