Manic Monday

I'm going to try something new - Manic Monday. There are only 3 questions; I can do that.

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?
Since I can choose any state, I'll have to say Hawaii. It's warm, beautiful, exotic, and it smells great - the perfect state to be named after.

Where do you go for advice?
It depends on what advice I am looking for. For some things, I research the topic on the Internet. I listen to June Hunt on the radio for good mental health advice. If the advice that I am looking for is Biblical, then I go to SermonAudio and type the topic into the search box. Then, I listen to one of the sermons that comes up in the search results.

What is the sickest you've ever been?
When I was 18, I was pretty sick. My boyfriend (now husband) came over to see how I was doing. Well, I was so "out of it" that I was laughing at my stupid jokes and wearing a stainless steel bowl on my head. Fortunately, the bowl hadn't been used yet.


twinklemom said...

Hi there! I love your's absolutely gorgeous! You have a wonderful and absolute inspiring blog...definetely counting on me droppping by a visit..I'm so glad you came by mine!!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii was one of my choices but I just couldn't decide how my name would work. Great choice on your part! I see alot great things at your blog..I will be back to visit. *HUGS & SMILES*

Anonymous said...

Dear Hawaii,
What a warm, beautiful and exotic blog you have. It radiates with a true love to reach out and touch women in a variety of ways. Your warm spirit is a gift from God and I'm pleased to see you sharing it with other women. This world needs women like you and I'm glad I found your blog, so I too can be touched.

Thank you!! A Friend

genny said...

I like your blog and i appreciate for your comment too. I like Hawaii and i ask my hubby if we have a vacation we will go to Hawaii. It will remind me of my home country. TC

The Gal Herself said...

Does this mean you have to be delirious to enjoy your husband's joke?

Welcome to Manic Monday, and thanks for visiting mine.

Tiffany Aller said...

Hawaii is a beautiful name to use! Welcome to the world of Manic Mondays - thanks for coming to visit me - I'm glad to visit you back!

Michelle Johnson said...

Welcome to Manic Monday. Your answers are really good ones. I especially liked the name Hawaii. Have a nice day. And, thanks for the visit.