Are You Preparing for Eternity?

Life doesn't end here on earth. We have something bigger that we are working towards - eternity in heaven. Even if we complete all of our earthly goals, we will not feel accomplished and satisfied unless we are working for God's Kingdom.

What are you doing to prepare yourself and others for eternity? (evangelizing, teaching, praying, encouraging, supporting, counseling, growing, helping, ministry work, using your talent or skill). Your answers can motivate and encourage your Christian sisters.

I'd really like to Get Your Answers (with some details).

If you'd like to read more about Eternity, I wrote a post called What Is Eternal Life?

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Shades of Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my site today. I appreciate your comment and got the chance to come check your blog out as a result ( :

It seems we share a few things in common: Love for God, Christmas traditions, and growing spiritually.

In answer to the question on this post, I am currently praying for family members who don't know the Lord. I have also felt moved in the past 2 years or so to be more bold in my conversations with them. . . but, careful at the same time to use Paul's example of truth with love. God has given me several opportunities to plant seeds that I hope will be cultivated.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Tonya said...

Thanks for visiting me. I am still trying to get used to my hair! I really like your blog...I'll be back

Joyce said...

I have several friends that have been stricken with sickness in this new years....serious things. I am continuing to do the very BEST I can to prepare them for Heaven. I've already built a "relationship" with them which is so important and which now has allowed me to fill in the vital things that they need to know. One friend has read books I have given her and we talk and she WANTS me to pray for her out loud, it's been amazing and rewarding but yet it's been painful too.
When we found out last week that her cancer was back. I think I cried harder than anyone once I heard her news. I waited until I was off the phone with her and I knew it was a possibility, but it hurt to hear it when it happened.
Still I know....we all have an "expiration date" and can't be on this planet forever. So we all must prepare for eternity....for us and for others. I have a list of people I am praying for as I am sure do many other people. We "work" and we "pray."

Shari said...

I am praying, too. Last summer, I felt a impulse to pray for my brother-in-law's salvation. I'm sure that many others did, too. In the Fall, he told my sister that he became a Christian and that he knew that he would go to heaven when he died. The prayers of salvation were very important, because he committed suicide about a week later. God knew what was coming, and He knew that my brother-in-law needed to be saved from an eternity in hell.

Hazel said...

hello it's me again happy weekends!

Shari said...

Another way that I'm preparing for eternity is by writing this blog. I had originally intended to write just for Christian women. But, once the blog got going, I found out that people who don't follow Christ are coming here, too. So, I encourage you to include some information about salvation on your blogs. Also, please motivate your Christian readers to participate in evangelism. Last year, I collected tons of evangelism ideas off of the Internet and put them all on one site called