What is Eternal Life?

I thought that my eternal life was going to start when I die. But, it actually started when I was a little girl and asked Jesus into my life. I've wanted to know more about eternal life (living forever) so I listened to a sermon on SermonAudio.com

Here are Some Evidences of Having Eternal Life:
  • You've changed inwardly, walking in righteous and godliness.
  • You enjoy fellowshipping with God, knowing God.
  • You love other Christians (it's not perfect, but your love is growing, 1John 5:1)
  • You aren't in bondage to sin anymore (have many victories over temptations, 1John 5:4)
  • The Holy Spirit is now living in you. (at the moment of becoming a Christian)
  • You totally believe and trust in Jesus.
  • You'll have a certainty that you are saved from your sins and saved from hell.
How to Have Eternal Life

Some people think that you have to follow certain rules to have eternal life. Some people think all you have to do is say a "special prayer" and it will work like a magic formula bringing eternal life? This is what 1 John 5:13 says:
"I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life."
  • You must believe in Jesus, and that He is your Savior. (to the point that you are certain, totally convinced that this is the truth)
  • It's an attitude of the heart, not the words that you say.
  • It's completely trusting in Him - that He saved you and forgave you of your sins.
  • It's deciding to repent. (turn from sinning)
There is no special ticket to heaven, no magic words to say.

Salvation is a free gift. He paid the price when He died on the cross. There is nothing that we have to do and nothing we can do to pay for our sins. Just tell Him that you trust in Him alone and that you want to accept His gift of salvation, and that you want to live for Jesus,

Would you like to listen to the online sermon that I heard? It is called How to Know You Have Eternal Life?

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Anonymous said...

Your explanation of eternal life couldn't be made much simpler. Appreciate your thoughts and words of wisdom! KG