Recommend to Hurting Women

These are some of the best books that I recommend to women.

321443: Healing is a Choice Book and WorkbookHealing is a Choice Book and Workbook
by Stephen Arterburn

This book and workbook helps free people who struggle from self-inflicted bondage so they can experience the healing that is available from God. It is God's choice to heal, when to heal, and how healing will occur. Sadly we often make choices that prevent God's healing or interfere with His timing. Millions suffer from emotional, spiritual, and even physical wounds that God may choose to heal. Experience emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical healing. Transform brokenness into new life mission. Identify the 10 big lies that prevent experiencing emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing.

452675: Lose it for Life Book and WorkbookLose it for Life Book and Workbook
by Stephen Arterburn and Dr. Linda Mintle

This book and workbook uses a holistic approach to health that doesn't stop at "physical" fitness. Physical, emotional and especially spiritual elements that lead to permanent weight loss are dealt with in this workbook. Through a variety of exercises and activities you will learn: why you do what you do, how you can shed bad habits for good, and how, with the help of God and others, you can develop a whole new approach to life, to eating, and to living healthy and free.

68691: Your Money Map: A Proven 7-Step Guide to True Financial FreedomYour Money Map: A Proven 7-Step Guide to True Financial Freedom
by Howard Dayton

Just as road maps guide you to unfamiliar destinations, this "atlas" of biblical principles will lead you out of debt and into financial freedom. Dayton's simple yet comprehensive guide provides you with the realistic steps and necessary tools to reach seven goals-from saving $1,000 to creating a spending plan and making wise investments.

921480: How to Forgive . . . When You Don"t Feel Like ItHow to Forgive . . . When You Don't Feel Like It
by June Hunt

Forgiveness is very hard for most of us, especially if the wrong done against you was very painful or the person who hurt you is not repentant. How can you forgive when you don't feel like it? Sometimes it seems easier to cling to resentment rather than letting go. In "How to Forgive...When You Don't Feel Like It" Biblical counselor June Hunt uses compassion and truth to help readers learn from Jesus' own example of how to forgive.

66461: Avoiding Mr. Wrong: And What To Do If You Didn"tAvoiding Mr. Wrong: And What To Do If You Didn't
by Stephen Arterburn

Complete with a diagnostic quiz and quick reference lists,
Avoiding Mr. Wrong is ideal for women whose hopes have been dashed again and again by a seemingly promising relationship. The book helps them to see more clearly, think more rationally, and act more wisely in the pursuit of Mr. Right.

262776: Finding Mr. RightFinding Mr. Right
by Stephen Arterburn

The author recognizes that wanting to get married is a legitimate desire. You can take steps toward a strong, satisfying marriage relationship, including: becoming the confident woman who can attract the right kind of man for you, make lifestyle choices that increase your odds of meeting someone, and avoid the behaviors that sabotage a good relationship.

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