Temptations Can Mess Up God's Will

We can learn a lot from Samson. Last week, I read some stories about him in Judges 13-16. God had big plans for Samson. An angel even announced to his mother that he would be born. However, Samson made some decisions that keep him from fulfilling God's will for his life. Although he didn't save the Israelites from the Philistines, we can still learn lessons from Samson.

If Samson had realized his temptations and protected himself against them, I think things would have turned out much different for him and the Israelites. His temptation seems to have been women. Though my big struggles aren't with lust or seduction - I have other temptations that could get in the way of God's will. We all do. Right?

So, I need to admit to myself where I am easily tempted and stay on guard. Because that is what the enemy is going to probably use to get at me. I'm really excited about living in God's will and doing what He wants me to do. I've been learning about how God likes to strengthen weak people and use them to do His work. Here I am, weak and poor in the eyes of the world. But I feel so honored that I am valuable to God. I just have to stand strong, with His strength, against any temptation that comes my way.

I don't want people to say of me - Oh, what she might have been.

I want people to say - She made the best of the abilities God gave her.