A 2-year-old Sings the Lord's Prayer

Then Sings My Soul Saturday Meme

Lately, I have been feeling more convicted about doing better at raising my children as Christians. They go to church and youth group, but I feel like I should be doing more at home. They are growing up so fast and I want them well prepared for when they go out on their own.

For years, my son has enjoyed listening to Adventures in Odyssey on the radio. He has learned so many Biblical truths and character lessons through this show. My daughters haven't had the same enthusiasm about listening to it. They want to run around outside a 4:00. So this week, we started listening together on the Internet, right before bedtime. It has worked out well, so far. These episodes are quite entertaining for adults, too.

I'm also trying to add more impromptu family praying. Yesterday, the neighbor boy (from a
non-Christian home) borrowed our Thou Shalt Laugh DVD. It's a Christian comedian DVD. He wanted to watch it with his Dad. Right after he left our house, I got the kids together and I prayed that the DVD would be a witness for this family.

I'd like to continue trying more ideas. I want Jesus and Christianity to be part of our family life throughout the day. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Please share.


Andrea said...

I agree - teaching them when they're young is key in having them discern God speaking to them as they grow older. And, this little girl is just too cute!

Susan said...

Hey Shari,

I posted that little girl on my blog, is she not just precious? And SMART?

My kids all used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey, and guess what, I STILL listen to it each Saturday!! It's so GOOD.


Tonya said...


Way to GO, Mom!!! It sounds like you're doing a great job teaching your children. The most important thing you can do is to let them see YOU live it! The spontaneous prayer for your neighbors was a TREMENDOUS witness for your little ones. I think taking those "teachable moments" and relating them to what the Bible tells us to do is PERFECT. I try to do that with ours too. Most of the time it's when they're being bad... LOL!

For example, when our boys fight... I tell them that GOD doesn't want us to fight with each other, then I remind them that JESUS said, "Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS"......

Our youngest has had some issues with displaying a bad attitude, or temper. We've started learning a scripture verse about being "hot-headed."

Proverbs 29:11 - The foolish man ALWAYS loses his temper, but the wise man holds his back.

A friend of mine gave me a great book that helps us apply scripture to every area. (Especially to areas that might need discipline) It's called "For Instruction in Righteousness." It's by Pam Forster. You can get it online here... http://www.amazon.com/Instruction-Righteousness-Reference-Biblical-Child-Training/dp/1891206079

I hope this helps... =-)


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This little one makes my heart smile.


Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I love this! There is nothing like hearing children pray and recite scripture. It has to be one of the most innocent and pure things in the world!!

We have the Thou Shalt Laugh video and we crack up every time we watch it. We especially like the guy at the end with the puppets. My kids have played it for all of their friends and they quote it constantly....It's great to be able to watch it and laugh together as a family!

Erica said...

Thanks so much for your tips...I have been trying to figure it all out this morning...my husband has offered to help since he is a bit more (actually a lot more) computer savy.
One thing I do is make up bible verse songs relating to something that just happened. For ex. my little girl likes the show "Big Comfy Couch"...so I sing "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" to the tune of that shows theme song.
We have several that we repeat over and over...love is patient love is kind, love is kind, love is kind, love is patient, love is kind, First Corinthians 13:4...

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is the cutest video! :)
I just ask God to give me spiritual eyes though out the day so that each and every situation we are in, I can talk to the children about God in it. How God works in this or that just every little thing God brings to mind so that we are continually talking about God and His goodness and His ways. I am praying God will show you how to do this. What a great thing you are doing for you and your children.

kmom3 said...

This little girl is so precious!

I am so glad you mentioned the Adventures in Odyssey.I did not realize we could listen to it on the computer! Thanks for letting us know that is available!

May the Lord give all of us creative and fresh ideas for teaching our children daily about Him! :)


Cheri said...

That was just too cute.

Amy Wyatt said...

I saw this not long ago and it is too cute! Thanks for sharing it again... and for the tips. We will have to check out Adventures in Odyssey. Hope you will join in again next week.

Sheila said...

Thank you for visiting my poem and your lovely comment. I wanted to stop by and see you. I hope you don't mind if I link to your page.
I also want to say I love your daughter singing she is so precious.....What a wonderful job a future singer. :)


Vashonnte said...

gosh that was a cute video! as far as teaching at home, i read them their bible everday and night but they are really small. when I was a kid my parents owned their own company and my dad worked 7 days a week so we rarely had time to go to church so my parents would have chruch every morning in their room and we would all pray together and read. for about 10 to 20 minutes we learned somthing new everyday it was nice cause we got family time in as well. talk to you soon! sorry i have been gone for so long! ive been working like crazy trying to get this company started!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

I've missed you!!!! It's been a few days since I've been here and I have ejoyed catching up on what's going on with you.

I am so glad your precious hubby is home and praise God for the growth you both experienced while apart.

I know what you mean about raising your kids to know God. I was raised believing God, praying when I had a need, going to church sporadically, but not having a RELATIONSHIP with Him. My mom prays everyday, but doesn't read the Bible and didn't really model a RELATIONSHIP (although I believe she has one.) I want my kids to be different. I want them to KNOW that God is LIFE and the only way to live is with this living, breathing, RELATIONSHIP with Him. I want them to be head-over-heals IN LOVE with Him!

One thing I have begun doing with my girls is a little bible study called "God's Girs." It is really neat!!! You learn about a woman in the bible, a verse that goes with a trait (like God's love fills me with wisdom) and then a craft. We started a little "club" with about 6 girls to do once a week and they LOVE it.

I feel like I "missed the boat" with Andrew, who is now 12 with an after school "club", but we still have wonderful conversations. He loves Jesus movies. We have the Gospel of John and it is WONDERFUL. We watch it a lot.

Well, I have just gone way over my "alloted" space, I am sure! Just miss "chatting" with you.

Many blessings, Shari!

Scrapping Servant said...

Very cute, TFS... sometimes I feel guilty too, but I feel like it's more of an attack to discourage me from trying harder *shrugs* I donno.