Loving Others Through Prayer

Sunday Seven Meme

7 Things I Prayed for This Week

Sunday: I prayed that my husband would grow in wisdom and his understanding would come from God, and that his relationship with God would continue to grow and bear much fruit in his life. (This prayer idea was from Denise's blog.)

Monday: I prayed for 2 women that I met through blogging. They are hurting emotionally and they are both angry at God. Their pain encouraged me to write the post Angry at God?

Tuesday: I prayed for Amrita in India that God would bless her vegetable garden that she shares with hungry people. And that God would encourage other Christians in India to help the many people who don't have enough to eat. What a wonderful way to show the love of Jesus.

: I prayed for Deena that God would heal her cancer through the Chemo treatments and that she would grow closer to Him during this difficult time.

Thursday: I prayed for the native missionaries serving Jesus through Gospel for Asia. I asked God to encourage them, financially provide for them, and help them witness to their own people.

Friday: I prayed for Christian women who are serving God through their blogs. I asked God to: speak through their writing, help the women show the love of Jesus, help the ones writing and reading to grow spiritually, bless their blog ministry spiritually, be glorified through their blogs.

Saturday: I prayed for our neighbor boy, Austin, that he would come to know Christ I used the 8 suggestions and 10 verses from - Praying Your Friends to Christ.

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Vashonnte said...

Shari you have such a good heart, people like you are what makes me smile, if only more people could live their lives with more compassion for each other the world would be a better place. You really inspire me and every time i read your post I smile! thank you for always brightening my day! you are an amazing person!

Joan said...

I'm sure those prayers were heard and will be answered in God's own way and time. Thanks for sharing and for coming by my blog to visit. God bless you!

The Forney Four said...

You're a wonderful woman who is helping others turn to Christ. I wrote about Prayer today on my blog because of different thoughts I've been having lately. I invite you to check it out. Have a blessed day!