Showing Love to Our Valentines

Here is a list of Christian articles about loving our men:
Maybe you'll find some ideas for Valentine's Day.

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Trisha said...

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them.

Tonya said...

Thanks for the links! I am always looking for creative ways to show love and not spend a fortune :)

Alana said...

Great idea! I'll have to peruse those articles and see what ideas I can come up with.

Joyce said...

Good ideal on the e-card....I'm going to send him one at work right now...hope it goes through, they have sensitive filters. Hummm.
I do have him a regular card though. Thanks for the creative post.

kmom3 said...

Thanks for the great links! I was here the other day, but my cuties, who were supposed to be napping, were NOT napping, and well....obviously I never got to comment! I love your posts about your husband. It is so good to read positive loving posts!
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!
:) Kimberly