Help Rescue Them

Today, I received an email from Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

Ron said: "My prayer for 2008 is that you won’t just make a casual "new year’s resolution" of some kind. My prayer is that rescue will become a burning passion of your heart - that every day you will look for, and seek out opportunities to share the hope you have in Jesus."

There are so many ways to participate in evangelism. You can: let your Christian light shine to your neighbors, witness through Christian community projects, support existing evangelism and ministry projects, help attract non-Christians to your church.

It is important to tell people that they need a Savior, because one day they will face God’s judgment for their sins. If they aren't going to heaven, they are going to hell. That is the awful reality.

There are hundreds of witnessing ideas for individuals, families, and churches at the Easy to Evangelize site.

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