Frugal Homeschooling

The following ideas will help lower your cost of homeschooling. These ideas and more are all located at Frugal

Homeschool Your Child for Free

Our family has used some of the ideas from Homeschool Your Child for Free. Fortunately, our library had a copy of the book. The book has ideas for... more

How Can I Do it Cheaper?
I ask this question whenever I need to buy something... more

Saving Bucks Through Bartering
Homeschooling parents can save a lot of money by sharing their time and talents... more

Think Long Term
Here are some ideas to help you make your curriculum last... more

CurriculumMoney Traps
Many homeschooling parents overspend, buying curriculum for the wrong reasons. Here are some of the Money Traps concerning homeschool curriculum... more

Unschool to Save Money
There are many reasons why homeschoolers turn to the unschooling method. One reason is that it can be done for hardly any money... more

Use What You Already Have
Use materials you already have around the house... more

Question What You See, Look Up the Answer
We’ve added something new to our homeschooling. It’s not a new idea, but new to our family. When we have a question about something, we look it up on the Internet... more

Big Money Saving Tips
7 tips about curriculum, cable, and distance learning schools...more

Curriculum Fair Suggestions
Some suggestions for when you attend your local curriculum fair... more

How Adults Learn
Adults are always learning, and we don’t buy ourselves $50 curriculum to learn about a subject... more

Reading Tip
Some people spend $30 a year on a Reading Text and I’m not sure why. You probably do not need a Reading program beyond Phonics. Instead - read library books. Here are some helpful reading lists... more

Art at the Library
There is no need to buy an art curriculum when you have all of the free resources of a public library... more

Low-Cost Math
It has been a big financial help to our family using Spectrum Math . The workbooks cost only $8.50 each. There is about 1 page for each day of the school year and an answer key in the back... more

Frugal Phys Ed
It doesn’t take special curriculum or an exercise program for your children to stay physically fit. Here are some ideas... more

Educational Christmas Gifts
At Christmas, the kids ask relatives for educational fun stuff. Some of their favorite gifts have been... more

Learning Spelling for Free
I noticed that I was getting frustrated with the Spelling lists that my kids were using. They consisted of words that people seldom ever write. Here are some ways to learn Spelling without having to buy a curriculum... more

Free Field Trips
You can go on field trips with a group of fellow homeschoolers. Or, arrange your own field trip for just your family. Here are many ideas... more

Church - a Great Place to Learn
They use teaching methods that kids enjoy. There aren’t any tests given or assignments due. I made a list of learning experiences my kids have had at church... more

Free Bible Curriculum
Here are some free ways for kids to learn about the Bible... more

Homeschool Classified Sites
Here are some classified ad sites where you can buy used curriculum... more

6 Years of Grammar Book
Simply Grammar is a non-consumable book that you can use with all of your children during the 3rd - 8th grades. It has... more

12 Years of Spelling Book
Spelling Power is a non-consumable book that you can use with all of your children during the 1st - 12th grades. Some points about Spelling Power are... more

13 Years of Writing/Composition
Comprehensive Composition by Kathyrn Stout will help you teach children in grades K-12 the writing process. This book teaches the following writing skills... more

12 Years of Vocabulary Book
Roots and Fruits: A Comprehensive Vocabulary Curriculum You can use this one book with all of your children in grades 1 - 12th. This curriculum teaches... more

A Survey of History for Grade School Students

The Story of the World Series - by Susan Wise Bauer contains 4 books that cover World History from Ancient Times to The Modern Age. They can be read aloud as a family, or read independently by older children...more

Play Your Way Through Language Arts
If you have many kids, it may be more affordable to buy Language Arts games rather than Language Arts workbooks. There are many games that teach children phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills... more

Design-a-Study Series
If you want a very economical approach to homeschooling, you may be interested the Design-a-Study Series by Kathyrn Stout. These books are valuable in helping you make your own lessons and unit studies... more

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