Evangelism Ideas for Summer

You’ll enjoy your summer more if you’re serving Jesus. Here are some ideas for evangelism, witnessing, and community outreach that you can be a part of this summer.

Camp Counselor
Spend your summer hanging out with kids and being a Christian role model for them.

10 Commandment Necklaces
Pass out 10 Commandment Necklaces at a festival, fair, beach, park, outdoor music concert - anywhere there is a group of people. The coins used in these necklaces list the 10 Commandments, a short gospel message, and the NeedGod.com website.

Rest Area Outreach
Your church group can pass out snacks and cold drinks at the rest areas. Leave Million Dollar Tracts and 10 Commandment Coins in the bathrooms and parking lots. Bless a large family by giving them some money to help with their trip or eating out at the Travel Plazas on the East Coast.

Tollbooth Tipper
When you’re traveling along the turnpikes this summer, tip the tollbooth workers - a real bill and a Million Dollar Tract. Each million dollar has a short gospel message on the back.

Help at VBS
Volunteer to help with VBS and round up those neighborhood kids. You can take VBS flyers door to door, post notices at the public pool, and pass out flyers to parents in the park. Encourage the church kids to invite their non-Christian friends.

Summer Day Care
Many parents have trouble finding good quality, affordable day care for their kids during the summer. Your church can provide a day care for grade school aged kids. What a wonderful opportunity to teach kids spiritual truths, provide a positive influence on them, mentor, encourage, and motivate the children to follow Jesus.

Church Picnic
At your next church picnic- offer free pop and hotdogs to others in the park, invite them to come over for your skits or relay game time.

Give out Sunscreen
Take along sunscreen when you go to an outdoor event or to the beach. Offering some sunscreen is a great way to show you care and start a conversation. You can also walk around the beach and give away bottles of it. Check the dollar store to see if you can get each bottle for a dollar, otherwise this can be an expensive type of outreach.

Outdoor Christian Rock Concert

Join together with other churches to raise money to hire a professional Christian rock group. Make sure every kid in town is invited for free, use buses and vans to transport them, plan follow up events, and plan for your youth group to grow.

Summer Activities in the Community
Make a flyer and a website promoting all of the local Christian Summer Activities: VBS, summer Camps, day camps, free Christian concerts, picnics, etc. Call every church in your area to find out the details for their events. On the flyer, advertise: all of the free activities to keep your family busy this summer, your website that gives even more details, directions, and links to the church websites. Pass out the flyers door-to-door. Check with the local schools. They may pass out the flyers to each kid, especially if they are some educational activities on the list.

Promote TheFreeBeeSite.com
Make and wear a T shirt or hat that promotes TheFreeBeeSite.com. This site tells people how to order a free Bible, a free book from Billy Graham, get free prayer counseling over the phone, or other items that explain Salvation.

Outdoor Dinner Drama
Put on free play, invite the community to bring a picnic dinner and lawn chairs. Pass out information about how wonderful your church is.

Host a College Student During Summer Vacation
Make arrangements through a college or your church to have a student stay with you during Summer Vacation. Dorms close during the summer, and the students who stay in town have a hard time trying to find a place to stay. Some students don’t want to go home, or they stay for a job or internship.

Invite a Kid to Camp
Find a Christian camp for your child and have him invite a non-Christian friend to go, too. Pay for the friend.

Invite Friend to go on a Work Mission Trip

Plan to go on a construction working mission trip. Invite a non-Christian friend to go with you and work. Help get your friends part funded, too.
Summer Read-a-thon for Children’s Church
Kids can do a read-a-thon to raise money for their favorite evangelistic ministry. They can get sponsors to pledge money for every book or page that they read.

Grow Vegetables
Grow extra vegetables in your garden and give them to a local Christian soup kitchen.

Get a group of volunteers together to glean the fields and donate the fruits or vegetables to a food bank.

House Maintenance Team
Form a group of volunteers to help repair houses of elderly people or low-income people.

Fishing Trip or Camp Out for Men

The men at church can invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to go on a men’s fishing trip or camp out. You can provide good food, a fishing clinic, speaker that gives his testimony, and the pastor can invite all the men to visit other church activities and classes that the men would enjoy.

Brown Bag Lunch Concert
If your church is located in the city or near a place where people work - put on a contemporary Christian concert during lunchtime. Hang a huge sign on the church so that people see it on their way to work. Invite people to bring their lunch and listen to the music every Friday through out the summer.

Garage Sale
Have a garage sale in the church gym or basement. Ask for donated items and raise money for a specific evangelistic church ministry. On a table: Offer free Christian Books and free Bibles and information about your church.

Children’s Event at the Park
Rent the covered area during a warm, busy day. Put up signs inviting all. Bring kids from the church, too. Ideas - Christian music performers, magicians, Christian crafts table, puppet show, snacks and invitations to Children’s Church.

Fourth of July Celebration
Throw a Fourth of July Celebration at your church. Invite the public by word of mouth, a large sign in front of your church, and door-to-door invitations. Your church can - have relay games, pie eating contests, set up play equipment and contests for the kids, honor veterans, provide free food, have a patriotic concert, give each kid a little bag filled with Christian party favors www.orientaltrading.com and pocket New Testaments, have face painting and free concession stands, provide information about the ministries and classes at your church. You can get even more information about this type of evangelistic event at the Christianity Today site.

Summer Parade
Does your town have a Founder’s Day parade or 4th of July parade? Your church can participate and build a float. Pass out flyers that tell about your church’s summer events.

Science or Art Club
Church volunteers can start a club that meets at the church during summer. Advertise to the neighborhood and invite the kids to come.

Free Lunches
Some states offer a free lunch program for kids, during the summer. They suppln organization or church with government money to make sack lunches and give them away for free. If a program like this doesn’t exist in your state, your church could still do it - just get donated lunch food and recruit some volunteers.

Free Carwashes
Have a free carwash in your church parking lot. Advertise to everyone and refuse donations. Give away flyers that tell about the exciting things to do at your church and invite everyone to come.

Witness on Vacation
Turn your vacation into a mission trip. The Witness on Vacation site lists over 50 ways to witness while you are traveling.

Outdoor Church Service
On a nice Sunday morning or Saturday evening, have a worship service outside on the church lawn or at a nearby park. Hang a banner to invite people to come. Or, deliver flyers door-to-door through out the neighborhood.

Renew Your Vows Ceremony
Have a huge “renew your vows” wedding ceremony at your church. Invite couples in the community to come renew their wedding vows and enjoy the reception that follows.

Minister to an Elderly Person
Offer to mow an older person’s lawn or help out around their house. You can also volunteer to drive the person to church.

How To Homeschool Seminar
Hold a free How to Homeschool Seminar at your church. Have homeschool families available to chat with and a table filled with curriculum to look through.

Friday Night Hang Out
Open up the church and invite the local teenagers. Plan summer activities, outdoor games like volleyball, movies, snacks, and pool tournaments.

Back to School Welcome to College Students
If you’re part of a campus ministry like - Campus Crusade for Christ or Intervarsity, welcome the students to school. You can help new students move in to the dorms, set up information tables about your group, host a Back to School Barbeque, offer cold water or frozen icy pops to hot students, and invite students to your first big meeting.

Support Summer Outreaches with Your Money
There are a lot of Christian organizations trying to raise money for their outreach projects. Your financial contribution can help them reach more people this summer. You can support: Orphans Going to a Christian Summer Camp, the church mission trip, or a special church outreach event.

Summer Day Camp
Put on a summer day camp at your church. It can be similar to VBS, but include activities that kids would do at camp.

Free Bottled Water
Your church group can give away cold bottled water at events or at the beach. You can also give away a tract with the water.

Polaroid Photos
Take Polaroid photos at summer events. Give them away for free along with a business card that tells your church name, address, website address, and service times.

Wear a Costume and Pass Out Tracts
Dress up in an animal costume and pass out comic tracts to kids in public places and at public events.

Tailgate Party
Invite the community to a tailgate party in your church parking lot. Tell them to bring their own lawn chairs, food, and pop. The church provides the concert and fireworks.

Face Painting in the Park
Set up a table near the kids and start painting faces. You can also offer free kids tracts and invitations to church or VBS

Free Doggie Wash

Hold a free doggie wash at your church. Give out free Doggie Treats and information about how wonderful your church is.

Sports Clinic
Invite neighbor kids to a sports clinic in the local park. Church highschoolers can coach, provide refreshments, and invite the kids to church.

Bike and Skateboard Tricks Event
Invite and take non-Christian kids to a Luis Palau event or hold your own. Hire a group that performs at county fairs an other events to come set up outside your church. Invite the community, and advertise what your church has to offer

International Students Ministry
Your church can minister to the high school and college exchange students. Every Saturday, take them on a bus to see a site or a tourist place. Have get-togethers for the students and invite them to dinner at your house.

Father’s Day Car Show
Invite the community to a free car show in your church parking lot. Give out free hotdogs and pop and have a lot of friendly church members available to great the guests.

Story Time at the Church

Once a week, hold a story time for younger kids. Plan a craft that does along with the story and have a snack, too.

Wedding Coordinator Ministry
You can offer a free wedding coordinator service through your church for couples trying to keep expenses at a minimum. You can help by letting them use your items so that they won’t have to rent them: candelabras, punch bowl, wedding music CDs, silk flower arrangements and bouquets, table cloths, plates, and silverware. Learn money saving ideas in Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot

Church Service at the Fair
Make arrangements with your county fair so that your church can have a morning service there on Sunday.

Fun Fridays
Every Friday, provide a weekly opportunity for kids to go on a summer field trip through your church. Encourage the church kids to invite their non-Christian friends.

Baby Sitting Course
Your church can offer free babysitting training to teens in the community. This is a good opportunity to tell about your church youth group, also.

Sports Activities at Your Church
Invite the community and friends of church members to come - play softball or basketball, and play at open gym night.

Your Christian Band
Form a Christian band and play at: fairs, free concerts in the park, churches, parties, etc.

Kids 5-Day Club
This summer do a 5-Day Club through Child Evangelism Fellowship. Take the club to the where the children are - park, apartment complex, or trailer park.

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